2018 Girls in STEM Day

Team 2607 held its second GIRLS IN STEM DAY on Saturday November 10, 2018. Various Junior and Cadet girl scouts from different troops participated in a day full of STEM related activities. This year’s theme was “Welcome to the Jungle”. The team had four different centers/stations which rotated different groups of girls throughout the day.

Each station/center was represented by a letter from STEM and honored a woman who worked in a STEM related field.

S: Science: Rachel Carson
The girls learned about the care of animals with specific illnesses or injuries.
T: Technology: Roger Airline’s Young.
At this station the group played Jeopardy using
words in Technology.
E: Engineeering: Jane Goodall.
Here the girls built animal enclosures and a pair of binoculars.
M: Math: Dian Fossey
At the last station the girls used construction paper
to make animal Origami and made a snack out
of Oreo cookies and animal crackers.