Tom Galie (Mr. G.) Program Moderator and Lead Coach 1
Danielle Swider Lead Coach 2, Human Relations, Parent Support.
Marian Maier sponsorship, Fund Raising and Spirit Art
Doreen Deola Sponsorship and Fund Raising
Marc Martin Fund Raising
Maryann Donaghy Web Design and Maintenance
Mireya Reinoso Chairman’s Award and Outreach
Ramiro Reinoso Programming and Controls
Ben Ng Engineering, Programming and Controls
Bob Hediger Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Julie Seif Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Mike Burkins Mechanical Design and Fabrication
Kevin McLemore Mechanical Design, Fabrication, and Human Relations
Matt Atras Mechanical Design Fabrication
Mike Finnegan Mechanical Design and Fabrication
John Hocker Mechanical Design and Fabrication
Anthony Cieri Mechanical Design and Fabrication
John Westhoff Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Robot Art
Ken Paul Mechanical Design, Fabrication, and FLL
Sean Cullen Electrical Design and Field Assembly
Lisa Paul Electrical Design, Scouting, and Strategy
Tom Harris Scouting and Strategy
Joe Verdon Scouting and Strategy
Chris Hediger FLL Lead Coach 2, Dean’s List and Business
Diane Hediger FLL
Cathy Galie FLL