2015 Duel on the Delaware

Duel on the Delaware, October 17, 2015, Salem Community College, Carney’s Point, NJ

Team 2607 finished as a finalist (2nd place) against the indomitable alliance of 225, 4954, and 321


Well the Fighting Robovikings did it again. Against all odds the team place 4th in the qualification matches and ran flawlessly throughout the elimination matches to finish as the Finalist (2nd place) against the indomitable alliance of 225, 4954, and 321. This was a true team effort with both novices and experienced team members playing in the matches and a strong scouting team playing in the stands. Seeding 4th made our alliance selection critically dependent on the scouting data. We selected 369, High Voltage, for our first pick and then 5404, Gearafferss, for our second pick of alliance partners. An interesting fact is that 5404, a rookie team, seeded 35th out of 36th in the qualification matches but performed perfectly as an alliance partner for us. This was a hugh victory for the entire team…Great work and congratulations to all in attendance.
For those unable to attend, you can view the entire elimination series on