2020 Books for children of Ghana, Africa

Team 2607 is extending its outreach to the poor children of Ghana through Resolve International, Inc

Resolve International is a non profit organization founded by Rev. Linus Nangwele, PH.D. with the mission to resolve one of the most adverse situation of children in Ghana- poverty.

Rev. Linus’s vision is to see these children grow in a suitable environment where they could be the best person they could be.  His plans are to construct a school with a library and lunch rooms so that these children can have an opportunity for a healthy human development.

The Robovikings began by collecting children’s books during the first months of 2020.  In December we delivered them to his secretary, Marie, who put them in a barrel to be shipped to Ghana.

Our efforts have been halted by the recent Pandemic but as soon as we are able we will continue helping the Children of Ghana through Resolve International, Inc. and hope that one day these kids can have a place to learn and play in a decent environment and a school building.